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  • Light for layers

    To try and increase the level of vitamin D in eggs, scientists provided supplemental UVB light to poultry layer flocks and found that using the lights for six hours a day led to an almost four-fold increase in the level of vitamin D in the eggs. Read more

  • Organic farming helps bees

    French researchers have found that hives close to organically managed fields had greater performance, including a higher number of living bees and greater worker brood production Read more

  • Lobb Head Shot 04 2019.png

    Losing Ground

    David Lobb, professor of Landscape Ecology at the University of Manitoba, speaks to SFC about how extensive the problem of soil degradation is and how to reverse the effects Read more

  • Soul support

    Federal Government Standing Committee releases report on farmer mental health Read more

  • Slug slime instead of stitches

    Slug slime, which contains 97 per cent water, might be used to ‘glue’ the edges of wounds together. Read more

  • Lustrous lambs

    In New Zealand, where merino sheep are plentiful, every once in a while a farmer finds a lamb with straight, lustrous hair Read more

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